A Story of Publishing Perseverance

Carly Butler Verheyen with her book Life’s Letters

In 2015, I contracted with a writer to polish her story and create a proposal for a memoir. The story had everything — a stash of forgotten letters, two love stories, travel, and a London backdrop. It was a modern-day fairytale, that ended in a surprise wedding. The author’s story…

A new podcast for writers

Whether you are writing literary fiction or historical fiction, police procedurals or YA, before readers will fully invest in your story — to get them past those crucial first fifteen pages — you need to show the reader WHY. This week, we discuss how you find the WHY of your…

Sandra O'Donnell, Ph.D.

Writing about life, death and everything In between. Reader of history, memoirs, and the stars. Looking for answers to life’s deeper questions.

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